This is a project that comes from the exploration and experimentation of aerial space. It is conceived as a flexible object where the essential quality is not only horizontal movement but also vertical movement as it connects to a hydraulic system that allows different changes in levels and therefore different perspectives and points of view. With regards to the materials, by positioning an architectural object at 25 m in height, it was prudent that the parallelpipe be windproof. Therefore the covering of the facades has been done with pine wood slats, fixed to the structure of the hydraulic crane.

Location: Barcelona, ​​Spain
Year: 2005
Construction: 2005
Team: Giovani Acevedo, Irving de la Rosa (re-idea)
Collaboration: Marco Montiel, Anne Chamboissier, Deni Ochoa, Auribel Villa
-Eme3_2010 International Architecture Festival, Xavier Planas
Nomading 2010/Housing Alternatives
-1000x European architecture, Joachim Fischer, Verlagshaus Braun, Germany 2007, Page 152
-Pasajes, Arquitectura y crítica, No 74, Edit América Ibérica, Madrid 2006, Cover and page 12.
-Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne
-CCCB Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona
-MARQ. Museo de arquitectura y diseño Buenos Aires, Argentina
-Centro de las Artes, San Luis Potosi, Mexico
-Fundación Met.Room, Barcelona