The house is inscribed on a four-sided irregular polygon. The client wanted the relationship between the spaces and nature to be emphasized. The ground floor is accessed by foot or by car, of different importance. Upon entering the house, there is an open-plan design that links the double-height spaces of the living room with the kitchen and the staff quarters concentrated in the main part. It is important to mention that in the double-height area, a green wall connects the entrance patio and the rear, more private patio which has a swimming pool and relaxation area covered with a pergola. On the upper floor of the house, there are three en-suite bedrooms, a play area and a small study.

Location: Luanda, Angola
Year: 2012-2013
Construction: under construction
Size: 220m2
Consultants: Gima Projectos-Arquitectura e Engenharia, Lda
Collaborator Architect: Irving de la Rosa