The proposal starts from the design of the garden and creates an image of the company through contemporary architecture related to green spaces. The project is made up of three platforms: in the basement is a car park, on the ground floor is a square and shopping center and on the first floor level, there is a garden. These platforms are intersecting with five buildings, four of which are offices and one is a hotel. The ground floor is made up of 20 commercial premises that are made with a stone base. This base is connected to three central patios, which will be squares and will allow traffic to flow as well as pedestrian access from the street. The office blocks, in the same way as the hotel, have traffic which starts from the car park on the ground floor, and each building is covered with a double façade to allow to filter and regulate the intensity of the sun.

Location: Luanda, Angola
Year: 2012
Area: 7.760m2
Collaborator Architect: Irving de la Rosa