Atelier de Luz is an international company, focused on the design and the implementation of projects on different scales: Urban planning, Architecture, Landscape, Interior Design, Refurbishment and Ephemeral Architecture.

AL’s philosophy is part of a comprehensive design that incorporates elements of nature such as water, vegetation and light. These are components that AL considers important in creating pleasant environments for the humans and living beings that live in these spaces. AL is committed to conceiving and building quality spaces by analyzing the place and land to be worked on, in addition to incorporating energy efficiency elements and sustainable building processes.

Atelier de Luz, created in 2008, is made up of four partners: Giovani Acevedo, Irving de la Rosa, Miguel del Rio and Jacques Stiernet, all based in different geographic locations: Barcelona-Spain, Mexico City-Mexico, Porto Alegre– Brazil and Luanda-Angola.

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